13th St Garden, “The Farm”

13th St. Garden, “The Farm”


“The Farm” is a neighborhood garden which resulted from a union of landlust, interest in community gardening, and luck. For some years we had our eye on a thin strip of land along the railroad that was largely neglected except for a small vegetable and flower garden on one end. We managed to acquire the property in January of 2010 when the owner moved out of state and set to work creating a highly visible vegetable garden. We call it a neighborhood garden rather than a community garden because we own the land, but share some of the beds with others in our neighborhood. Our fellow Farm-ers help with general maintenance of the garden in return for their space, which makes the whole garden more manageable for us. We also all share produce among the gardeners, permitting people to specialize in one or more crops and to enable crop rotation. Five households, plus friends and colleagues enjoy the produce from just this one .15 acre plot. More vacant lots and large yards should be used this way!

The garden is fully occupied for 2015, but feel free to stop by for a tour if you see someone out working.

Garden Managers: Ethy and Steven Cannon

Garden address: Northeast corner of 13th and Ridgewood, Ames, IA