About Ames Community Garden Coalition

Getting people to garden together. . .

The mission of the Ames Community Gardening Coalition (ACGC) is to grow, connect, and encourage a community of gardens and gardeners in Ames, Iowa.

GROW: ACGC is working to create more awareness about gardening opportunities in Ames and to create more space and resources for community gardens in Ames.  Through promoting gardens and gardening, ACGC hopes to grow new gardeners and gardens to build a strong and vibrant gardening community in Ames.
CONNECT: ACGC connects gardeners with gardens.  There are a lot of ways to get involved with community gardening in Ames, but they are not always easy to find.  Our primary goal is to keep this website up to date with garden information so people new to Ames or people new to gardening can find the information they need to get involved!  We also host community gardening events, such as seed swaps and community forums to discuss gardening needs in Ames.  We don’t have an office or a staff, but we have a passion for growing fresh healthy food for ourselves and for our community.
ENCOURAGE: Through gardening events and website resources, gardeners in Ames can learn new skills, and share skills with others.  We hope that ACGC’s web resources and events will encourage people to try gardening for the first time or expand their gardening experiences.