Holiday Gift Ideas For Gardeners

Photo via Pixabay by Rawpixel

Photo via Pixabay by Rawpixel

Gift-giving during the holidays can be a lot of fun, especially when you know you’ve picked out just the right thing for your loved ones. When it becomes stressful, the joy of the holidays is often lost, and anxiety or even depression can set in. It’s important to remember that gifts should come from the heart; it doesn’t matter how much you spend or which store it comes from. This year, allow yourself to think outside the box, especially when it comes to finding a gift for someone who enjoys being creative.

Creative individuals, like gardeners, have the unique ability to make something from nothing, and often this is a hobby they enjoy. It doesn’t have to be painting or anything related to the visual arts; rather, it can simply be a creative pursuit that brings them joy, like gardening, cooking or baking, or playing an instrument.

Read on for some of the best gift ideas for the creative gardeners in your life.

Guitar lessons

You may not think that guitars and gardens don’t have much to do with one another, but did you know that some believe (based on research) that music can actually help plants grow?

Many music lovers began working with instruments on their own, with no guidance or instruction, and while picking up a guitar and feeling your way through the chords can be fun, it can be thrilling to learn how to do it right. Consider giving the gift of online guitar lessons to the music lover in your life. There are many great ones to choose from — some with lengthy free trials so the student can make sure he’s where he wants to be — and the nice thing about online lessons is that they can be done at the user’s own pace, with no audience to make him feel shy. Read on here to find out more about guitar lessons available online.

Get artsy

For the art lover in your life, there are so many cool gifts to choose from. Moleskine sketchbooks, brush pens, small 3D printers, digital design tablets, and a DIY print shop are just a few of the awesome items you can choose from on this list.

Think unique

Many people who enjoy being creative like trying new outlets, so think of some ways your loved one can express himself in ways he hasn’t already. If he’s a visual artist who works with paint, he might enjoy trying out a device that allows him to draw on paper and see it pop up digitally on a screen. Those who work in the kitchen might appreciate some new tools; head to the nearest home store and find some interesting cooking instruments and arrange them in a gorgeous basket.

Go Earth-friendly

There are many ways you can make your gifts more eco-friendly, like buying products that don’t use batteries — many of which end up in landfills — recycling an item to make a handmade gift, or giving a service instead of a physical item. Your loved one might really appreciate having your help around the house (especially if they have young children and work long hours), or you can buy a gift certificate for a relaxing massage. Think of some of the best ways you can make your gift eco-friendly for the most impact.

Mix in some nature

If your loved one enjoys working in the garden, think of some ways you can help him achieve his goals, or gift ideas that will be in line with his nature-loving sensibilities. You can find some great ideas here for the individual who loves being outdoors and making things grow.

With these fun and unique ideas, you’re sure to find something for that creative soul on your gift list. By thinking outside the box and giving them a new opportunity to express themselves, you’re gift can keep on giving year-round. Happy shopping!

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